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As most of the United States is burning up with record temperatures, Precyse is also heating up the healthcare information management technology and services playing field. The tropical paradises of Florida and Hawaii are hotter than ever when it comes to Precyse. In our HIMnovation Highlights section this month, you will learn about the success that Precyse had at North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH). ... And just last week in Orlando, Florida, President-Elect of the Florida Health Information Management Association (FHIMA), Precyse Account Executive, Anita Doupnik, RHIA, moderated a session titled, "A Computer Assisted Coding Panel: Provider and Vendor Partner Case Studies," as part of the HIM Technology Track. Read more about Anita's election to the FHIMA presidency and her 2012 FHIMA Distinguished Member Award in our Precyse News section.


HIMnovation Highlight

HIMnovationPrecyse Provides Leadership to Empower HIM Department and Increase Efficiency at North Hawaii Community Hospital

North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH), a private, non-profit 33-bed, community hospital located in the largest town in the interior of Hawaii's Big Island, hired Precyse to provide the leadership necessary to organize its HIM department to empower the staff with the skills and training they needed to do their jobs most effectively. Click here to read more.

Precyse News

Precyse Scores High on the KLAS Mid-Term Performance Review Report
KLAS publishes the Mid-Year Performance Report, Software and Services annually in June. Precyse scores at the top of the heap for Transcription Services and ICD-10 Consulting Services.


Precyse Account Executive Elected President of FHIMA
Anita Doupnik, RHIA, Precyse Account Executive, has been elected President of the Florida Health Information Management Association (FHIMA) for a 3-year term.


The Impact of ICD-10 on Physicians
Tom Ormondroyd, Vice President, General Manager, Precyse Learning Solutions, discusses how physicians, their practices and their patients can benefit from ICD-10.


Managing Your Staff During the ICD-10 Transition
Preparation and planning are the keys to a successful ICD-10 transition. Kay Ennis, RHIA, Director, HIM Strategic Sourcing Accounts, explores which areas HIM directors should be thinking about now.


CDI Strategies for Success: Essential For Your Transition to ICD-10
With only sixteen months left until the transition to ICD-10, it's time to think outside the coding box at other ways to ease your transition and maintain your cash-flow while improving your clinical documentation. Sound impossible – it's not. Don't miss our important white paper.


CEO IntroNet Roundtable: Gaining an Operational Edge: Hospitals, Doctors & Healthcare Information Management
This short interview offers three healthcare perspectives – from a health information management executive, a physician, and a hospital executive – on how to increase efficiencies and improve data quality in the industry.


Security and Compliance Corner

Is Your Risk Assessment at Risk?

In our first issue, we discussed how to create a risk assessment framework. Now I would like to turn our attention toward identifying the risks and threats to include in your risk assessment. The Department of Health and Human Services provides two documents to get your HIPAA Risk Assessment started. Click here to read more.


> HIMnovation Highlight

> Precyse News

> Security & Compliance Corner


> FHIMA: Florida Health Information Management Association 2013

> August 11-14, 2013: Siemens Innovations Users' Conference '13 for Healthcare IT

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Industry News

> How Naples Community Healthcare Reduced Its DNFB Amount by 87%
In a matter of months, Naples (Florida) Community Healthcare System decreased its inpatient weekly discharged not final billed amount from more than $16 million to around $2 million. Laurie Fiore, DHIM at NCHS, explains the system's five best practices for lowering DNFB amounts and accounts receivable days.

> Danielle Reno of Sutter Health discusses ICD-10 with Lindsey Dunn, Editor-in-Chief of Becker's Hospital Review
Many hospitals are lagging behind in their preparations for the transition to ICD-10. Some haven't even started, but Sutter Health is way ahead of the game compared to most hospital systems. Danielle Reno, ICD-10 Director at Sutter Health talks about the steps Sutter has taken to prepare for the transition, including the execution of the Precyse ICD-10 educational platform, Precyse University.

> AHIMA study shows clear gains with CAC; coding technology enables 22% reduction in time spent per record
A new report from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, shows how computer-assisted coding – when used in tandem with a credentialed coder – can help with faster coding of inpatient records without a reduction in accuracy. Read more to learn how CAC can reduce the time to code without decreasing quality.

> Preparing for ICD-10 Requires Leadership, Communication of Benefits
The transition to ICD-10 is a leading concern for many healthcare executives and was a popular topic of discussion at the recent annual meeting of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, held in Orlando, Fla. Our own Chris Powell spoke with Becker's at the conference about the importance of provider organizations moving forward with their ICD-10 preparations.

> "Most Wired" hospitals survey shows big strides in HIT adoption
The 2013 Health Care's Most Wired Survey co-conducted by CHIME revealed that hospitals listed as "Most Wired" this year have made big progress in using health IT to enhance patient documentation and cut drug errors, among other improvements.

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