Benefits Blossom When Connections are Made

Chris Powell, MedAssets-Precyse, President, HIM

If you have a garden, then you know how important it is to not only plant the seeds, as well as cultivate the entire plot. Day after day, night after night you water, you prune, you care for your growing food – and with the sunlight, your hard work and good soil, it all works together to deliver some great fresh fruits and veggies to your table this summer. They don't arrive just by your wishing they would, right? Same thing is true about new opportunities, new experiences and even new customers. Sometimes it's much easier to remain in our silos "doing our own thing" at work. When we are pulled in so many different directions this seems to have a lot of advantages – namely, completing work and meeting deadlines, right? Not necessarily. Think for a moment about how much more meaningful your conversations are when you get input from others who have perhaps been down the same road and handled a project effectively and efficiently? Or maybe their results were ineffective. You can learn from that, too. While we operate in a highly virtually-enabled environment, in this day of instant communication, there are an unprecedented number of ways to communicate.

Did you know that MedAssets-Precyse has identified inconsistencies in the CJR model that can impact your ability to manage episode costs and quality performance? You'll want to check this article out for sure to learn new ways to reduce risk. In this issue we are connecting with our physicians and taking a look at how an OpenSketch Mobile Application is easing their move to ICD-10. One of the best ways to connect with MedAssets-Precyse is through Precyse Expert, an online solution that offers subject matter experts a concierge-like service that provides researched, cited responses to pressing coding, billing, documentation and regulatory questions.

Finally, socializing with MedAssets-Precyse is easier than ever. Read about the connection of all of our social media channels and make sure you "like us" on Facebook, and take advantage of all the other ways to stay connected. Everyone has something to offer. We are all on a level playing field, even if we have different ranges of responsibilities. We all have something to give, something to learn and we do that most effectively by including each other in the mix and staying connected. There is always knowledge to be gained from nearly all conversations but unless you're "out there" talking, sharing and listening, the transfer of knowledge and experiences isn't going to magically happen. So keep reaching out – I think you'll find yourself thankful for what you learn.

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