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Clinical Documentation Improvement delivers improved revenue and ratings.

The speed with which your physicians adapt to reimbursement documentation requirements and guidelines has a direct impact on the rate of improvement of your overall workflow quality and productivity and also your ability to enhance cash flow and receive appropriate revenues for the work that you do. The upcoming conversion to ICD-10 makes this even more important.

Precyse's comprehensive CDI and education platforms can be tailored to address your specific documentation improvement goals. You can integrate customized improvement programs and educational tools to meet those goals, including integrating ICD-10 principles and demands for further documentation specificity. Our three-phased CDI approach includes Assessment and Design, Education and Implementation, Follow-up and Monitoring.

Dissecting the details
With Precyse CDI solutions, we evaluate the physicians' current clinical documentation practices, identify inefficiencies and offer strategies for improved clinical documentation. Our CDI offerings include on-site education provided by practicing physicians and CDI expert educators. This consultation and coaching is complemented by the Precyse University Learning System. We can monitor results of our education and mentoring to ensure new levels of documentation specificity and accuracy are achieved and become routine practice.

Make Precyse University your education hub to maintain and advance your clinician documentation improvement initiatives. Comprehensive CDI eLearning modules are available to educate teams and complement our on-site services. Learn more.

Precyse CDI—Immediate quality and accuracy, to help your organization save money, reduce errors and prepare for ICD-10:

  • Improve workflow processes and relationships with physicians
  • Maintain new levels of documentation specificity and accuracy
  • Future-proof physician documentation practices for ICD-10
  • Improve hospital and physician profiling and scorecard data
  • Prepare for ongoing adjustments to reimbursement systems
  • Optimize DRG accuracy and appropriate revenues
  • Enhance Case Mix Index knowledge
  • Manage and mitigate RAC risk
  • Improve accuracy of reporting outcomes