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> HIM Strategic Sourcing

> HIM Interim Management &

> Coding

> Oncology Data Management


> Audit & Compliance

> Education

> Transcription
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Specialized expertise to optimize HIM department operations and workflow.

Many times, hospitals find it difficult to sustain productivity levels and solve recruitment, training and other challenges that hamper HIM efficiency.
  • Partial or full HIM management solutions can raise productivity and efficiency to meet rigorous expectations.
  • We are able to provide our management and systems, and train and manage your staff. Or, we can transfer your staff to our payroll.
  • As a result of our approach, you and your staff will no longer be overburdened or underutilized. Backlogs are avoided and productivity can increase even during learning curve cycles or spikes in workload.
Precyse is recognized for its high quality standards and proven expertise to augment and enhance HIM departments, solving staffing issues, reducing compliance risk and delivering measurable results. Our professional staff understands the value and impact of accurate, timely information and enable you to focus on your priority-delivering quality patient care to an increasing number of patients, at a reduced cost.

Why Leading Medical Centers Choose Precyse
Partnership, Knowledge and Depth of Company
"Precyse exhibited a strong team effort to develop common goals and vision. Precyse provides expert HIM Professionals with many years of experience to oversee operations/workflow. Precyse has a wide range of services that we can utilize beyond our basic operational needs."
Janet Hoffberg, MS, RHIA, Corporate Director Health Information Management, UCLA Medical Center

Visit PrecyseSource to learn how we help hospitals and health care systems across the country meet and exceed their unique challenges.

"We were concerned with how accepting our employees would be about the change, but from day one, Precyse has provided exceptional support every step of the way. Their presence here went a long way in gaining employee buy-in for the transition. The whole process has been so transparent that you would think that the Precyse staff were hospital employees rather than a vendor."

Sandy Wood, Operations Director of the Revenue Cycle, Naples Community Healthcare System, FL

"The adjustments that the Precyse team made in order to meet our changed goal has resulted in cash collections for the month exceeding budget forecasts and making up for our year-to-date short fall. We are very thankful that Precyse worked with us to meet and exceed our goal."

Christine A. Johnson, RHIA, Director of Health Information Management Services/Facility Privacy Official, Paris Regional Medical Center, Paris, TX